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Film Subtitling
The art of subtitling of TV or video programs is a specialized form of translation - it can be most accurately described as interpreting in writing. The dialog must be rephrased and rendered simultaneously in an on-screen text to a maximum size of 2 x 35 characters. The subtitle must be true to the dialog, but at the same time be comprehensible at a glance. 

Professionally made subtitles will hardly be noticed by the viewer. But the viewer will be able to appreciate the program in full. If, on the other hand, the subtitles lack in quality, they will not serve their purpose, because the viewer will be distracted and confused. Therefore, high quality subtitles are an important factor in getting your message understood through the screen. This is especially important with training and instruction programs. 

WordFighter is based on more than 10 years' experience in providing subtitles for Danish TV and video distributors. We have the necessary equipment to subtitle and code programs from VHS tapes with timecodes, and we can deliver subtitles in all common formats. 


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